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Sorfeo is amongst 31 Amazon rollup companies to know, according to Business Insider

Below is an excerpt from the Business Insider article 31 Amazon rollup companies to know that specialize in snapping up third-party sellers and turning them into multimillion-dollar brands.


Total funding: Unknown Investors: N/A

About: Mark Lewyn founded JEM Partners, a successful Amazon business, for $500. The author of "The $500 Start-Up on Amazon" then collaborated with Hal Widlansky to found Sorfeo.

Widlandsky said that Sorfeo targeted brands with $100,000 to $1 million in annual sales, making them generally smaller and newer to the market than most of those on the radar of larger aggregators.

The company operates a total of nine brands, seven of which were acquisitions and two that were original launches from Sorfeo in 2021 — that Sorfeo makes its own products is another unique aspect of the company.

Sorfeo acquired Squatchi, the leading at-home shoe sizer, this spring. Other brands under its umbrella include Blue Zoca, Sorfeo Signs, and AirSquares.

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