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Sorfeo Announces its Fifth Acquisition this Year, Adding PurePort to its Growing Portfolio

Sorfeo Announces its Fifth Acquisition this Year, Adding PurePort to its Growing Portfolio of Innovative Brands.

via MarketWatch Salt Lake City, Utah - 12 JUL, 2021 - What would you find if you took a close look at the lightning port of a typical iPhone? PurePort co-founders Kate and Josh Swinnerton used a microscope to do just that and found all sorts of nasty debris – hair, lint, dust, etc. – lurking in hundreds of ports. Tired of unreliable connectivity caused by this dirty dilemma, the husband-and-wife team tried all kinds of home remedies before getting serious about creating a reliable solution to help clean and maintain iPhone and iPad ports, connectors, speakers, microphones, and switches. The resulting multi-tool has garnered a loyal following, and today Sorfeo — a consumer products company based in Salt Lake City and the Washington, D.C. area — announced it has acquired PurePort to add to its diversified portfolio of products sold on Amazon. “PurePort is a breakthrough product for dealing with a little problem that can cause major issues,” says Hal Widlansky, Sorfeo Co-Founder and CEO. “This simple but ingenious tool can extend the life of devices we all use every day, improving performance and ultimately saving consumers money.” Sorfeo has been steadily building a diversified portfolio of brands in recent months, working to fulfill its mission to be the next great consumer products company. Impressed by PurePort’s thoughtful engineering and attention to detail, the Sorfeo leadership team is eager to add this innovative new product and expand PurePort’s reach as part of Sorfeo’s growing list of high-quality product offerings. “We have worked hard to create a real solution for iPhone and iPad users who want to overcome those all-too-common connection issues and get the most from their devices,” says PurePort co-founder Kate Swinnerton. “Launching PurePort during the pandemic was quite challenging, but it’s been great to hear so many glowing reviews from our early customers. PurePort has truly been a family effort for us, and we are excited that Sorfeo will allow our multi-tool to be shared with many more people around the globe.” The PurePort multi-tool kit is available on About Sorfeo Based in the Washington D.C. area and Salt Lake City, Sorfeo is building the next great consumer products company by acquiring and nurturing brands that get their start on Amazon. Sorfeo partners with entrepreneurs and inventors that share the company’s vision of a world where consumers can explore, discover, and build great relationships with brands that improve their lives. Sorfeo develops and markets high-quality products across many consumer categories, including home improvement, sporting goods, tech accessories, and home and garden.

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