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Netflix former CEO, Marc Randolph, reviews Sorfeo President Mark Lewyn's new book, "The $500 Start-U

"It’s seems like a fantasy: a home-business making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, run by you and your spouse from anywhere you want, that requires no special skills, and can be started for just a few hundred dollars in capital. Well not only does Mark Lewyn tell the intriguing story of how he built exactly such a business, but in The $500 Startup he shares all the detailed tip, tricks and secrets that will allow anyone to do it. Although targeted to starting a business as a seller on Amazon, Mark's tips are universal and will prove useful to any startup founder. Clear, compelling, and completely binge-worthy, The $500 Startup is recommended reading for anyone with a dream of having their own business, and looking for the blueprints on how to do so. Highly recommended." Marc Randolph Co-Founder and First CEO of Netflix, and author of That Will Never Work: The birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea.

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